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Double Action Hand Pump for Air Mattress Fast Inflate Deflate with 3 Valves


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Vendor: KingCamp SKU: KA3633YLCategories: Sports & Outdoors


  • High-quality Material: Made from noncorrosive, lightweight plastic; and comes with 3 interchangeable universal valves. Perfect for kayaks, boats, airbeds and other inflatable equipment
  • High-flow: 2 x 1400cc, well-suited for either high- or low-pressure inflation, handles up to 15 psi (1.0 bar)
  • Interlocks: The hose can interlock with handle and valve to avoid falling off while pumping
  • Accordion Hose: This hose can stretch to 5 fits long, very convenient to use
  • Easy Use: Large handle and foot plate increase comfort during use, offers both inflation and deflation

Material: PP + ABS 
Capacity: 2 x 1400 CC 
Color: yellow

Product Description: 
This KingCamp double action air pump is hand pump can inflate and deflate, with 3 universal valves, can fit most of the valve port, you buy one this pump can use for many inflatable products. Its hose is accordion design, the length can be stretched to 5 fits, very convenient to use. And also, the hose can interlock with handle and valve to avoid falling off while you are pumping. Both the handle and pedal are concave-convex design to add rub, make the pumping easily. As it is double action pump, when inflating, you fix the hose on handle INFLATE, when you need deflate, just to fix the hose on DEFLATE, very convenient tool. It is perfect for kayaks, boats, airbeds and other inflatable equipment.
1 x Pump

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