Premium Whetstone, Sharpening Stone 2 Side Grit 1000/6000 Knife Sharpening Stone

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  • [Premium Knife Sharpening Stone Set]Your professional whetstone set includes whetstone 1000/6000, the bamboo base for holding the stone, and knife sharpening angle guide. A combination of quality and beauty makes it an inexpensive yet useful gift idea.
  • [Ensure Effective Sharpening Results]Coarse side 1000 grit whetstone leaves metal edge with frosted appearance. Edge sharpness equivalent to the majority of factory edges on knives, tools. Fine side 6000 grit whetstone is ideal for finishing and polishing the edge, make the edge very sharp, and the edge reflects light well. Polishing knife stone for Kitchen, Hunting, and Pocket Knives.Sharping stone for knives.
  • [Safety] Your purchase whetstone knife sharpener comes with rubber for holding the whetstone inside the Bamboo base, the non-slip rubber ensures that the wet stone won't slip or move which makes the sharpening process very safe and more effective.
  • [Multipurpose Use] Blunt knives, rusted knives, and nicked kitchen knives are prone to food residues and breed bacteria that harm the health of the families. Our whetstone sharpener is not just ideal for kitchen knives, they can be used for just about anything with a blade. It can be used for carving knives, hunting knives, butterfly knives, pocket knives, army knives, razor blades, scissors, pocket knives, or clippers which called Knife stone sharpeners.
  • [Premium Quality Blade Sharpening Stone] We promise you every quality whetstone kit and friendly customer service. Not all whetstone 1000/6000 are created equal.

Sharpening Stone Kit

Durable and Healthy Cookware

The TODOCOPE whetstone sharpening kit enables you to safely and easily sharpen and polish all of your bladed instruments.Keep your everyday kitchen knives extremely sharp with this whetstone 1000/6000 grit whetstone knife sharpeners.Sharp knives need less brute force to cut than dull knives.Less brute force means less damage to the food, you can easily cook a delicious meal.
Using our Whetstone is very simple and economical. No need for expensive sharpening/honing oil, as it is designed for water use. It can be easily washed with water.

Package Contains
  • #1000/6000 stone
  • Rubber pad
  • Bamboo base
  • Angle guide
  • User Manual


Soak the whetstone in the water about 5 minutes to ensure the whetstone is thoroughly damp.


Fixed Rubber pad then put it on the Non-slip bamboo base, select the desired angle to begin sharpening.


Put the sharpening stone angle guide on the knife and maintain the angle to sharpen the knife on the surface of 1000 grit sharpening stone side stone back and forth with gentle pressure, until the edge sharp enough.


Use more gentle pressure, repeat step 2 and repair the edge until smoothly and keenly on the surface of 6000 grit whetstone side.

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