4/4 Full-Size Violin Set, Handcrafted Kids Starters Acoustic Violin Beginner Kit


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violin 4/4 size kids beginner student kits violin case bow set

  • Attractive style: 4/4 Full-Size Acoustic Violin Kit, attractive gloss finish with exquisite handcraft.
  • Great material: All solid wood, Hand-painted craft with clear wood stripe; Pure natural ebony pegs, fingerboard, and chinrest, carbon fiber tailpiece with four integrated fine tuners easy to tune; All it brings excellent and warm tone.
  • Unique accessories: fingerboard sticker with patent and mute is necessary for violin beginners; lightweight shaped violin case, Brazilwood ebony frog violin bow, and rosin gives all you need.
  • Perfect for Beginners, New Players, Students, Advanced player, and so on



Size: 4/4 Full Size
Length: 23 Inch
Hand Orientation: Right
Body Top:Solid Wood
Back & Sides:Solid Maple
Neck Material: Solid Maple
Fingerboard and Peg Material: Ebony
Tailpiece Material: Ebony with 4 gold-plated string adjuster
Bow Material: BrazilWood, Ebony Frog
String Material: Steel Wire

How to Choose Violin Size:

ADM Violins have different sizes as 4/4, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8,1/10, and 1/16.

◎ 4/4 = Full Size, Age 11 yrs+ to adult with an arm length of 23.5" and up

◎ 3/4 = Age 10-11 yrs old with an arm length of 22" to 23.5"

◎ 1/2 = Age 8-9 yrs old with an arm length of 20" to 22"

◎ 1/4 = Age 6-7 yrs old with an arm length of 17.6" to 20"

◎ 1/8 = Age 5 yrs old with an arm length of 17.1" to 17.5"

◎ 1/10 = Age 4 yrs old with an arm length of 15 3/8" to 17"

Package included:

1 x Foam Case with Strap: Deluxm, Light, Sturdy, High-capacity
1 x BrazilWood Bow: Durable, Long-lasting, Ebony frog
1 x Rosin: Dustless, Strong adhesion, Resistant
1 x Mute: Quiet and confortable
1 x Fingerboard Sticker: Simple, Reusable
1 x Digital E-Tuner: Help to tune

Violin are all handmade, inherited craftsmanship, focus on every detail.

- Hand-carved solid spruce top.
- Hand-carved solid maple back and side.
- Ebony pegs and chin rest.
- Alloy tailpiece with 4 integrated fine tuners.
- Size: 4/4 Size, Age 11 yrs+ to adult with an arm length of 23.5" and up

Unique Craftmanship

Our unique Violin vintage natural oil finish is different from that coated with a thick, glossy lacquer finish which hinders quality tone production. It not only looks more professional, but remains true to historical, tried-and-true standards of hand-crafted violin making. That gives this instrument a warmer and more projective sound than competing student violins at the same cost point.

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