Abba Patio 4PCS 260LB Plastic Offset Cantilever Umbrella Base Weights Plate Set, Dry or Wet Sand Filled

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  • 4 pc Weight Set for Offset Cross Base: The 4 triangular-shaped black weight plates are designed to fit in a cantilever umbrella cross base and give the base a square shape when placed in each slot. The weights, when filled, will offer an appropriate amount of weight needed to stabilize your offset umbrella
  • Easy to Fill: Purchase Sand and use the included plastic funnel to fill each plate with dry or wet sand. Screw the cap on and you have weight for the umbrella cross base. 9 screws are included to attach to any Abba Patio cross base for additional stability
  • 240 lbs to 260 lbs of Weight: When all 4 plates are filled with just sand the weight is approximately 240 lbs. With water added to make wet sand, the total weight is approximately 260 lbs. Each plate can be filled with 60 lb - 65 lb of wet sand. They are also much easier than lugging heavy pavers around to add weight. They do not damage your area as heavy pavers do
  • Location Flexibility: By filling these weight plates and securing them on a cross base, you can put your offset umbrella in any location you want. It gives you the security and safety that it will support the umbrella in any location
  • Durable Plastic Construction: Each of the 4 black plates is made from heavy-duty plastic that is weather-resistant, UV protected, and waterproof. Cross Base is NOT included, only the 4 fillable weight plates are included. Sand is also NOT included. For safety, we recommend filling it with sand.

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