Concert Ukulele Beginner 23 Inch, Mahogany Ukulele Starter Kit for Kids


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soprano ukulele
  • TOP QUALITY MATERIALS: JM Finger 23 inch traditional concert ukulele with high-quality mahogany plywood body, high-density solid wood fingerboard, and bridge, which brings you richer and brighter sound and all-covered machine heads make your ukulele easy to be tuned and keep it always be in tune.
  • ITALIAN AQUILA STRINGS: We installed Premium Italian Aquila Strings to make sure this ukulele produces the best sound it can and reduce your finger pressure. Aquila Strings are very popular and any experienced player would recommend them.
  • STAY IN TUNE: You may find that the new ukuleles you have cannot hold in tune at the beginning. This is really common, for a new instrument, it'll take time for the strings as well as the wood to adapt to the pulling force. Please just need to tighten the screws and get it in tune before playing it at the beginning. It will stay attune after a couple of weeks, all you need to do is always play and tune it.
  • BEST GIFT FOR BEGINNERS: JM Finger ukulele comes with a quality padded carry bag, strap, digital E-tuner,3 felt picks, and extra Aquila strings, it's the best choice for adults or kids who are just getting started with Ukulele. Great for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming, graduation gifts, and much more.

Top Quality Materials

The ukulele is made of the most durable mahogany wood, which is one of the best materials for high-end instruments. It is easy to polish and not easy to deform. The fine texture makes the ukulele look more luxurious

Premium Italian Aquila Strings

Premium Italian Aquila Strings Italian Aquila Strings is one of the famous strings. It can reduce the pressure of your finger well. Equipped with a mahogany plywood body, it can create the more beautiful and emotional sound

High-Grade Turning Gears

Suitable for beginners and easy to tune, beginners can tune to the right notes faster

To be a Beginner, How to Tune Your Ukulele?

It is common to tune your ukulele always, particularly with new strings. Nylon strings take a certain amount of stretching before they settle down and hold their tune.

Begin by bringing each string as close to pitch as possible. The notes we will be tuning each string to, starting from Top to Bottom are: G – C – E – A;

Tune it to the desired note, pull it up on the string over the soundhole to give it a bit of a stretch. That'll take it down about 2 whole notes, tune it back up and repeat until it stays in tune.

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