Foldable Pet Waste Jaw Clamp Scooper with Waste Bags and Dispenser

365 Factory OutletSKU: PET090500701

Sale price$19.99


  • Durable plastic with wide comfort grip handle, 1 roll of waste bags, and 1 dispenser included
  • Revolutionary one hand design allows for pickup of animal waste with one hand
  • Easy fold design saves storage space
  • Jagged edge for easy pick up in grassy areas
  • No bending and stooping

Dimensions:25.9*6.2*5.1 inch
Weight: 1.01 lbs.
Color: Red&Grey
Size: Default
Recommendation: Dog of medium or large size

No more bending! The Favorite Foldable Poop Scooper makes it easy to pick up after your dog on grass or hard surfaces. Easy one-hand action allows you to pick up poop with one hand while controlling your dog with the other hand. Durable design with wide comfort grip handle.

Revolutionary design allows for pick up of animal waste single-handedly
Durable plastic with a wide comfort grip handle
Jagged edge for easy pick up in grassy areas. Easy fold design saves storage space
No bending and stooping

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