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Mechanical Metronome Tuner Beat Keeper A-style Plastic Wooden For Guitar, Violin


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Vendor: ADM SKU: ADM-JXM03Categories: Musical Instruments


  • Use advanced ABS engineering plastics. Imitation wood appearance, stylish and generous, giving as a gift or self-use are both appropriate
  • PPS material gear, the cost is 3 times the copper, with good stability, high strength, and high-temperature resistance. No need to add any lubricant
  • The clockwork is imported from Japanese-owned enterprises, the intensity of the error is small. Power longer, stronger and more stable. Clockwork schedule: speed 40 times of 54 minutes
  • Alloy material, sturdy and anti-rust, good stability, the beat sound is much larger than the average one

All Days Music Inc.(ADM), was started on the principal that entry level or student grade musical instruments should be of playable and enjoyable quality to insure the success and enjoyment of the individual pursuing an instrument.
Our mission is to deliver a better value for your investment. As a professional musical instrument supplier with overseas factories and powerful supply chain resources, All Days Music provides high quality, hand crafted instruments at an affordable price.
Whether your target customers are students, musical educators or professional musicians, you'll find a variety of quality musical instruments stringed instruments, fretted instruments, wind instruments and percussion, case and bag, accessories etc. at very competitive prices. All instruments are quality checked by professional technician before shipping.

Color: Wooden
Material: ABS Advanced Engineering Plastics
Movement Material: PPS, triple cost of copper
Casing Style: Classic Pyramid Tower Style
Winder design: S-type coil design with longer lasting power, stronger and more stable
Pendulum Material: Copper
Slider Material: Alloy
Beat selector: Alloy
Beats: 0,2,3,4,6
Stability: The stability is good, and the beat sound is much larger than the ordinary one
Tempo Range: 40~120bpm
Size: 4.5"*4.5"*7.9"
ADM mechanical metronome is a perfect helper for musical instrument learner. It can help the user keep track of their tempo and rhythm while playing instruments such as the guitar, drums, piano, violin, flute and more!

The pendulum is a central part of the mechanical metronome. The weight accuracy of the pendulum and the standard level of the center hole directly affect the metronome accuracy.

S-type coil design with longer lasting power.
Clockwork use time:
40 bpm lasting 54 minutes
60 bpm lasting 36 minutes
80 bpm lasting 27 minutes
120 bpm lasting 18 minutes

Beat selector is made of alloy material, stable and anti-rust.
There are 4 beats can be selected with 2,3,4,6 which will give you more choices in practice.

PPS material gear, the cost is three times as much as copper, with good stability, high strength and high temperature resistance. There is no need to add any lubricant.