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Outdoor Indoor 4-Panel Plastic Exercise Safe Pet Pen, White


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Vendor: Favorite SKU: PET090801903Categories: Pet Supplies, Playpens


  • Dimension: 35"L x 35"W x 24"H; Door: 14.5"L x 16"W; Gap: 2'W x 4.5"L
  • Easy assemble & clean; Suitable for indoor & outdoor use
  • Made of commercial-grade heavy-duty molded plastic; 4 Panels interlock securely with full-length rods; 4 slide-in & lift-out connecting rods
  • Safe & convenient enclosure for your pets; a safely handy latch
  • Ideal for small to medium pets up to 20lbs

Product Details 
Brand: Favorite 
Size: Overall size 35"L x 35"W x 24"H; Door: 14.5"L x 16"W; Gap: 2'W x 4.5"L 
Material: Commercial-grade heavy-duty molded plastic
Weight: 9.24lbs
Unique Square Design: 4 Interlocking panels & a handy latch for easy assembly and more securer
Recommendation: Perfect for small to medium pets up to 20lbs; Ideal for play, exercise or training of pets

Favorite pet playpens are a good assistant for daily use. This 4-panel pet pen is suited for both indoors and outdoors. Made of commercial grade heavy-duty plastic. The handy latch adds security and interlocking panels are easily assembled. Panel connectors can be used as outdoor spikes, 4 panels rods included. 
Apply to pet instinct to own a piece of self territory, which may help them fell secure and relaxed. Consider modern life, it is hard to provide an appropriate place for them. Nevertheless, we can provide such a reliable enclosure for them when their emotions were fluctuated or some other unique conditions. 
If you want to have a party, too many persons will affect our pet and we cannot sure whether everybody can get on well with them. At this time, assemble such a playpen, set a cushion, put toys and enough food, may enjoy time respectively. Happiness should be shared with each other.

Installation Tips 
1. Take out all parts: 4 panels & 4 panel slide-in & lift-out connecting rods 
2. Grasp 2 panels in each hand, make edges join each other 
3. Insert one connecting rod into the gap until fully installed 
4. Repeat for other 4 sides 
5. Congratulate you have fished setting and enjoy with your pet 
6. Storage is just lifted out the 4 rods, then neaten all parts

About US 
At Favorite brand, we are passionate about creating innovative behavioral containment and lifestyle product solutions to give you more great moments with your pets.