Portable Ice Maker 28LBS/24H, Ice Cubes Ready in 6 Minutes


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  • FAST PRODUCTION OF BULLET ICE CUBE - The portable ice maker works fast, 9pcs ice cubes ready within 6-8 minutes, continues to produce up to 28LBS bullet-shaped ice cubes one day. For the produced ice cubes which will not be used in time, please remove them from the freezer.
  • EASY TO CLEAN - Still confused with the cleaning by hands? this ice maker machine has a function of self-clean. Keep pressing the power button for at least 5 seconds to activate the self-cleaning mode. The function will save your time and protect your hands.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION WITH ONLY ONE SMART TOUCH - In order to make your life easier, the ice cube maker has only one button for ice cube size choosing, two bullet ice cube sizes, small and large. It is a good design even for a kitchen novice. Usually, the first cycle of ice cubes will be smaller than usual because the ambient temperature has not reached between 50°F and 100°F.
  • SUPER QUIET - The compressor of this ice machine maker is powerful but super quiet, less than 60db, perfect for RV, kitchen countertop, office, KTV, convenient store, and more.

Important Points You Need to Know About the Portable Ice Maker

Firstly, when using the portable ice maker (or not used for a long time) for the first time, it is recommended to discard the ice cubes produced in the first 4 cycles to ensure that the appliance is thoroughly cleaned.
Secondly, for the first cycle of ice cubes, they may be smaller than usual, because ambient or water temperature will affect the ice size.
Thirdly, when adding water, do not exceed the Max line.

Two Ice Sizes for Choice

The ice maker can produce two sizes of ice cubes, S and L. S size will take approximately 7 minutes, L size will take approximately 8 minutes. The bullet shape of the ice will not hurt your mouth or finger, perfect for your drinks and smoothies.

Large Transparent Top Cover

The large transparent top cover will allow you to see the ice-making process, check the amount of ice in the ice basket, and when to add water without opening the lid. The unique translucent design is more resistant to dirt and easy to clean.

Say “Goodbye” to Noisy Ice Maker

The portable ice maker is equipped with a high efficient compressor, which is powerful but super quiet, less than 60db, brings you a quiet environment so that your friends and you can chat with each other happily.

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