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Ultra Soft Warm Pet Sleeping Bed with Removable Cushion


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Vendor: Favorite SKU: PET090103112Categories: Beds & Toys, Pet Supplies


  • Outer size is 35 X 30 X 9 inches, inner size is 28 X 24 X 7 inches
  • Removable inner cushion possesses textile liner and zipper, two-side can be utilized well
  • Breathable, warm and quick dry PP lining is filled with the cushion, it can increase more comfort and enjoyment
  • The major material is microsuede, corn grid fabric, black waterproof cloth, and PP lining
  • Machine washable softly, do not bleach, temperature water does not exceed 34 degrees

Favorite® This cushion is a great convenient product. Firstly, if people talk about the material, three sorts of the fabric have sewed the whole surface layer, microsuede determines the outer periphery and front side of the cushion, corn grid fabric becomes the inner periphery and back side of the cushion, and then black waterproof cloth chooses to be the outer bottom. Both the appearance and practicability have been considered and designed reasonably. Secondly, with the zipper installed in the inner cushion, the whole cover can be taken down easily, the textile liner is filled with PP lining, the reliable convenient installation works on superior cleaning and reducing the burden as a monolithic unity. Thirdly, special corn grid fabric adds the layering about touching and warmth; microsuede is good at the absorption of moisture and wears resistant. All of these great materials and designs dedicates to every touch and rest in any moment.

Product Details and Features 
Brand Name: Favorite 
Colors: Blue 
Dimension: Outer size is 35 X 30 X 9 inches, inner size is 28 X 24 X 7 inches 
Weight: 3.2pounds 
Material: Microsuede, corn grid fabric, black waterproof cloth and PP lining

Care Guide 
Machine washable softly 
Temperature water does not exceed 30 degrees, air dry 
Do not bleach